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Monday, November 9, 2009

Movie: G.I. JOE

G.I. JOE is actually based on the comic book & cartoon.
When i saw the movie at the cinema, it was epic.
I just love it so much that i bought the dvd.

10/10 stars!

Music: Jason Mraz

Jason Mraz's songs are incredible.
 'You And I Both' & 'The Remedy' are two of his songs that i will never get tired of.
Even though the songs are quite old but it is still wonderful.

8/10 stars!

TV Show: Futurama

Futurama was created by the creator of 'The Simpson'.
Matt Groening.
Futurama is about a guy named Fry from the year 2000 frozen & was awaken 1000 years later.
In the year 3000, Fry, Bender & Leela work for a delivery company.
Their adventure are magnificent.
They travel all around the galaxy delivering.
I'm a fanatic of this show.

9/10 stars!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Movie: Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince!

Actually i hate Harry Potter.
The 1st movie was great, I really enjoyed it.
The 2nd movie too.
After that, it starts to get boring.
Especially The Half-Blood Prince.
I was watching it at the cinema with my friends & girlfriend, I fell asleep while watching this movie.
How can you sleep in the cinema with the loud noise.
But I did!

2/10 stars! 

Music: The All-American Rejects!

Today's 'Song of The Day' is of course, The All-American Rejects a.k.a. AAR.
This band is my favorite band of all time.
Today's song is non-other then 'Steve Aoki Remix of When The Wind Blows'.
The song is so great and fantastic that i play it on my mp3 every single day.
I just can't get enough of it.
It's stuck in my head.

10/10 stars! 

TV Show: According To Jim

According To Jim is a comedy television show.
Staring Jim Belushi, Courtney Thorne-Smith, Kimberly Williams-Paisley & more.
This show is about the life of Jim and his family.
Every episode contains everyday life like most people have plus some insane stuff.
According To Jim have 8 season.
I like the show very much.
People should go watch 'According To Jim'.

8/10 stars! 

Saturday, November 7, 2009


The beautiful Lenka.
The song 'The Show' from Lenka new album is quite nice.
This song my 'Song of The Day'.
Listen to this mesmerizing song.

6/10 stars! 

Movie:Year One

This movie is must see!
If you didn't watch it yet, you sir, are an idiot.
It's hilarious.
Staring funny man Jack Black and his sidekick, Micheal Cera.
Year One is about the story of the beginning of time.
I'd watch this movie over and over.
I just can't get enough.
So ladies and gentlemen, watch this comedy movie.

9.5/10 stars! 

Family Guy(TV Show)

What can i say about Family Guy?
It's fantastic, awesome and laughed to death hilarious.
It's about Griffin family and their everyday routine that we normal people never experience.
Like Stewie(The Baby) is trying to kill his mother and Peter(The Dad) is doing crazy things.
When i watch it, i can't stop laughing.
It is not your normal day cartoon because there is cursing and violance.
So parents, you shouldn't let your young ones watch it.

9.5/10 stars!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Movie: 2012(We Were Warned)

We Were Warned
This movie is about the end of the world. Our world known as 'Earth'.
The Apocalypse!
All human-being fear doomsday.
In this movie, we can actually see what will happen on doomsday.
As you all know that this is only a movie, nothing else.
When you watch this movie, it feels like it's really happening.
You may pee yourself but it's worth it.
Just kidding around.

7/10 stars!